Lost Job, Found Blessings and New Chapters – Jason Elkins

Mon, Aug 16, 2010

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Lost Job, Found Blessings and New Chapters – Jason Elkins

It was the Friday before Memorial Day a few months ago. I was in the kitchenette at work, cutting up some strawberries for breakfast when my boss came in and said “Jason, can you come into my office for a minute?”


I thought to myself… “Finally this was the job promotion meeting we had been quietly talking about for a few months.”

When my boss looked at me straight faced and said in a deadpan tone “we’re eliminating two positions today and your position is one of them” I initially thought he was joking.

I had worked for a company that had gone out of business in the past, but I had never been fired, and certainly wouldn’t have seen it coming… I was an account manager, and my sales numbers were fine… We had been talking about running all sales opportunities through me.

We discussed his reasons, the terms and conditions, exchanged some pleasantries, they thanked me for my work and I thanked them for the opportunity to learn… and I left.

The 10 minute ride home seemed surreal. I wasn’t supposed to be heading home from work at 9:30 am. My brother Jeff got the only car-ride phone call and when I told him what happened, my voice started to crack. He quickly reminded me how easily I found jobs. He was right, I had never had trouble finding the ‘next thing’.

When I got home and told my wife, she was super supportive (as usual). She suggested we take the weekend to pray, talk and just spend time with our kids. Then, she said something I wasn’t expecting. “Maybe NOW you will start that business you are destined to start.” She followed that statement up with “God told me that this was going to happen. He’s given me a total peace… We are going to be fine and I believe in you.”

That was the first of daily blessings that have been raining down on me since that moment in my boss’s office.

There are the friends and business owners that reached out, some before the holiday weekend was even over, asking for help with their websites, blogs and social media marketing.

There was the friend that called and said “I’m paying for your membership so you stay with the Tennessee Christian Chamber of Commerce”. (I would have kept my membership for sure, but the gesture was incredibly helpful). GenF20

There is the partner that just happened to be available and interested and possessed a perfectly designed skillset to compliment mine. He was the same friend that gave me a book to read that has helped shape the way I’m approaching my personal business development.

There are the mentors that have called to check in, challenge and encourage… some of them daily.

There was the call from the newspaper that saw the only article I had posted on my less-than-a-week-old website about an idea that I had for generating meetings and business (100 Cups of Coffee in 100 Days). They asked for an interview, and then featured me as the entrepreneur of the week the following week (before I had business cards or a business license.)

There was the discovery of new opportunities to develop Facebook Fan Pages using a coding language to make them look like fully designed websites (examples below) and developing creative marketing strategies to generate traffic to and from those pages so I can help my clients build THEIR businesses.




Even though the entrepreneurial desire has been there for as long as I can remember, I may never have started this business. Now however, instead of relying on a company to give me what I thought I needed (in the form of a paycheck), I’ve been placed in a position where I am forced to rely on God to meet those needs. There are a few moments of panic, but they are quickly squashed with prayer, a call with a mentor, and the blessing of even a small business success.

I view what I’m doing now as an incredible opportunity to build a company based squarely on the principals that I’ve embraced, the principals of treating others like Jesus did. He was bold, an excellent leader. He was creative, inspiring, funny, and rejected the rules of the status quo. He paid taxes (dangit).

I talked to my business partner about this and I asked him “do you think it’s possible to build a company based on loving on people?” He said “Jason, if anyone COULD do that, it would be you.”

Please join me as I pray for success, opportunities to show light to others, and a grounded and humble spirit.

Psalm 34:9 (The Message)
Worship God if you want the best;
worship opens doors to all his goodness.

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Jason Elkins - who has written 8 posts on Transparent Christian Magazine.

Jason Elkins is the owner and editor of Transparent Christian Magazine and spends his day helping small businesses, artists and entraprenuers with their Social Media and Website Marketing with his business "Transparent Social Media". http://www.transparentsocialmedia.com Jason is a father of two, a husband of one and a follower of Jesus.

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15 Comments For This Post

  1. ROCKINRON Says:

    jason encouraged as i read this from a guy who has been up and down like a yo yo since i lost my job over a month ago. for some reason GOD has shown me many things i have been blessed with that i didnt have before. think i too should write them out. thank you for writing this.

  2. Jason Elkins Says:

    Thanks for the encouragement RockinRon. It’s interesting how our needs can be met even without our routines. There is a type of therapy in the writing… and I’ll bet your list is LONG. You have lots of people that love you out there! Prayers your way tonight!

  3. Callie Says:

    It’s amazing how much more I trust and rely on God since Zale started the law firm. It’s quite freeing to rely totally of God’s provision. Congratulations on your new adventure!!!

  4. Harry Offutt Says:


    Good for you. Glad to see you stepping out in faith with the skills you use so well.

  5. Bill Seaver Says:

    Keep up the good work. You’re doing great!

  6. Jason Elkins Says:

    Thanks Callie, Harry and Bill. It’s been quite a journey so far. Looking forward to what’s in store, and focusing on Him.

    I appreciate the encouragement.

  7. joni Says:

    Sorry I’m late in commenting.
    I was there when you announced on FB the ‘firing’ and I watched as people rallied around you and encouraged you. I watched as the new you took shape, literally, and I can honestly say, I’m glad I know you!

    The Lord NEVER ceases to amaze me. We’re living testaments to his grace and glory. :)

    All my best, to you and yours,


  8. Leslie Says:

    I know we’ve talked, but I’ll admit I’m JUST NOW actually getting to read this blog entry. For the record, you deserved better anyway! You are always an encouragement to me– you and your family. In a strange way, your newfound appreciation for walking on the water inspires me! It’s lonely out here sometimes, but always so amazing to watch God work in the lives of those around you! Makes me not-so-lonely afterall!

    We really do need to catch up! Been crazy since June! Love to you guys– and always know that we’re sending prayer your way every single day!

  9. anita ivette ferrer Says:

    Jason, What a wonderful demonstration of God using ugliness & failure to use you as a phoenix coming out of the ashes.

    Abba Father, thank you for your sovereign, mighty power and love for your servant, Jason! Enlarge his border & cause him to move forth with blinders on his head, looking always straight at You. We anticipate Your greatness in many ways for Jason’s family, gifts and faith We thank You for what you do, but mostly for who you are, in Jesus name. amen.

  10. alley Says:

    danke für den interessanten artikel.

  11. TJ Says:

    Very inspiring and so great that you remained true to your faith instead of loosing sight of what really matters.

  12. Idahostevens Says:

    Checking in to see how you are doing. Miss reading you.

  13. idahostevens Says:

    It has been a year.

  14. Homeschool Daddy Says:

    Yep, it sounds kind of familiar here, just a few years earlier than us. God will provide. Knowing a little more of the timing sure would help things go by a little easier though right?

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